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Custom car paint jobs are probably the ultimate goal for lovers of classic cars. Having a unique paint scheme that is different from the standard factory finish is undoubtedly the reason car enthusiasts embark on the ultimate transformation.In many cases the idea for a custom paint job, starts when the owners or prospective owners of a classic car, having a burning desire to transform their beloved automobile. However it is important to consider exactly what you want from the customisation.People have different reasons for considering custom car paint jobs.There are generally several types of enthusiast, for example (i) The car lover who wishes to show their beloved car. (ii) The drag racer who is perhaps only interested in the speed aspect, notable among Muscle Car enthusiasts. (iii) The pleasure driver, Sunday driver if you like. Or perhaps a combination of the aforementioned.Whatever the reason, custom car paint jobs, is something that needs careful consideration. These unique paint jobs can present many challenging factors, for example cost, parts availability, and a massive labour intensive undertaking.A custom car transformation can prove to be a costly consideration. Price of paint jobs in general goes way beyond the cost of paint. There are often many labour intensive hours that go into producing the final product. For a superb show quality finish, the preparation is everything. In many cases this involves painstaking repairs to original damaged panels. In some cases, perhaps because of age or irreparable damage, the panels will need replacing entirely. Again this could present the problem where panels are no longer available or hard to find. Repairs to existing panels then need the attention of an experienced panel beater, who will need to return the panels back to the original flat surface. In some cases it is preferable to take the panels back to bare metal, with a process of media blasting (sand blasting), in order to recreate a show quality finish.It is important to shop around when choosing a body shop to undertake your project. As previously mentioned, custom car paint jobs can be a costly affair, and so the last thing you want is to entrust your beloved car with someone who will not provide the care and attention needed. In that respect, do your research and find out as much as you can about the custom paint shop. There are many questions that you should consider, but ultimately you need to decide what it is you want to achieve. A quality reputable body shop will naturally take care of the fine details of preparation and final paint job. However it is important that you communicate your needs before the process begins. Therefore you need to be confident that the body shop will help and advise you as much as possible with the initial design process. The ultimate outcome is the complete satisfaction that you are the proud owner of a unique custom car.

How to Start a Car Detailing Business – Buying Equipment, Training, and Marketing Your New Business – Car Detailing Customization

A small percentage of car owners actually enjoy cleaning, shampooing, polishing, and waxing their cars. They take pride in the hours they commit to maintaining their cars in like-new condition. Many of them have taken this hobby and started a part-time and even full-time business detailing automobiles professionally. If you are considering making the jump from amateur to professional, there are some basic equipment upgrades you must make, some techniques you must master, and some very important marketing strategies you must be familiar with.First, upgrade your equipment to professional grade. The wet/dry vacuum you have is probably adequate for basic vacuuming and shampooing. But if you wash with just a water hose, you will have to invest in an electric or gas powered pressure washer with a max output of about 2000 psi. Only a pressure washer will satisfactory clean engines, door jambs, wheels and wheel wells. Standard water pressure is not adequate to get into the tight spots in these locations. Next, if you polish and wax by hand, this will not produce the results expected of a professional. Buy a Cyclo dual head polisher for compounding, polishing and waxing–very safe to use and easy to learn.Next, you should add some crucial skills to your arsenal that you don’t have as a hobbyist. Odor is a frequent complaint of customers: dog scent, tobacco scent, and food aroma. You need to know how to get rid of the source of the odor first, then apply a chemical to permanently eliminate the aroma from the interior of the vehicle and its heating and cooling system. Also typical is dog hair. Practice removing pet hair with latex gloves or a dog rock hair remover. It’s a time staking job that you can perfect ith repetition.Stain removal is yet yet another typical service requested of pros. Foods stains, ink stains, regular dirt, and in many cases food coloring stains discolor leather, carpet, floormats, and fabric surfaces. You will need to do your research (the Internet is a excellent resource) on how remove every single type of stain completely. The ability to completely detail a car, however, isn’t as critical as the single most essential element inside success or failure of a detailing organization: marketing. If you don’t have a steady supply of customers, you will not make money, regardless of how good a detailer you are.Small businesses with small budgets are getting fantastic results on Craigslist. Submit a professionally designed ad as often as possible to Craigslist’s automotive services section and you will get plenty of customers to get your business started. Yahoo and Google are heavily searched resources for automobile detailing items and providers. Make a simple site and optimize it for essential research terms in your City (ie, “Automobile Detailing in Phoenix).Ask your consumers for Internet reviews. Hand out flyers in upscale neighborhoods. Distribute flyers to your customer’s neighbors. Let them know that you just serviced their neighbors’ car (“have a look”) and leave a brief message about openings you have that week. You should introduce your self to every automotive business business in your service area. The automotive community relies on referrals among mechanics, body shops, brake retailers, transmissions retailers, tint retailers, car washes, and so on. You must be a recognizable face. Detail a shop owner’s car at a discount to display your knowledge.To conclude, you must initially equip yourself for professional service. Then master the unique problems that you will be asked to fix. As soon as you’re confident in your skills, you can publish an advertisement on Craigslist and create a web site that ranks great in research engines. Introduce yourself to automotive businesses in your area. If you offer a quality service and gain a reputation for excellent customer service, you will be a profitable and busy automotive detailer within 6 months.